Tailoring print solutions for small-medium business

Our Managed Print Solutions are specifically designed for small and medium sized business. We package all of your consumables costs with routine servicing, technical support, training and even paper supplies into a single convenient, pay-as-you-go cost per page.

With our managed print solutions, your staff can focus on running your business instead of fielding IT queries & performing routine administrative tasks for your office printers and print supplies.

How does it work?

The steps we take to tailor an optimal solution for your business are:

  • Evaluate: our technical services team will review your existing printing network, including printer capabilities, usage, availability, operational costs plus any known system requirements.
  • Design: we propose an optimal balance for your print network that enhances workflows, provides flexibility, minimises power consumption and consolidates or replaces devices that are not cost-effective. We'll also propose environmentally friendly print practices by defining print policies that suit your printing needs.
  • Implement: our on-site technicians configure the new efficient print network, establish remote monitoring, optimise each machine & provide training to your staff.
  • Maintain: using remote monitoring & proactive servicing, we keep your print network running smoothly and efficiently plus we remove the administration load, IT support and frustrations from staff by providing a single-point of contact for all their printing requirements. With our managed print solution, it’s our primary concern to ensure your print network continues to operate smoothly and efficiently at all times.

How much will I save?

Most businesses are surprised at the cost reduction that we can achieve with our managed print solutions. We show you how much your business can save by conducting a free audit that includes calculated savings relating to all aspects of your print network. It’s easy and there’s no obligation. Call us today and find out just how much you could be putting back to your bottom line.

Will staff like it?

There are many benefits for staff in a managed print solution. No more toner shortages, trouble-shooting, consumables ordering, obsolete machines or searching for a repair agent. Your staff will prefer the simplicity, training and reliability of your perpetually optimised and actively maintained print network. Plus they always know who to call for anything relating to the operation of your printers.

Smart Cost Structure   A simple, predictable, all-in-one, pay-as-you cost structure.
More Reliable   Proactive servicing and forward planning for equipment lifecycles maintains your print network in continual active service.
More Efficient   The perfect balance of printing infrastructure & office print demands.
Automated   Remote monitoring alerts will trigger automatic toner and consumable orders. Your staff simply receive a delivery of supplies that are clearly marked instructions on which machine they are for.
Environmentally Sustainable   Proactive servicing to extend machine lifecycles, cartridge recycling & optimise energy usage.
Flexible & Scalable   Our well designed managed print solutions includes future scalability options to increase or decrease capacity as required.
Independent   Our managed print solutions provide you with access to all brands of print and imaging equipment. You’ll never be locked in to a single equipment supplier.
Local   Our business and service team are local to your business so we’re ready and available at short notice.
Strategic   With our ongoing planning services, we will advise you in advance of strategic advantages in equipment updates and re-configuration.
Supportive   The cost of inconvenience traditional of ad-hoc IT support will be replaced with simple, routine support for your entire print network.
Transparent   Our remote management tools can track and report and usage to help guide ongoing optimisation strategies.
Secure   We implement security measures to protect any sensitive documents including information storage procedures.

Call us today and we’ll show you how a managed print solution can enhance your business.