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From preschool to university, you’ll find all the educational supplies you need for every stage right here. We stock wide range of specialised school and educational supplies that inspire and aid learning.While some school supplies can be found in an office supplies store, there are many more that are specific to educational settings that you won’t find. We are more than just an office supplies store – we offer services and products that go above and beyond to help you with exactly what you need. Our education catalogue is tailored to provide everything your school or educational facility could need, from preschool craft to specialised furniture, technology and even cleaning supplies. Preschools, primary schools, high schools, universities and colleges each have their own particular needs. For younger children, safety and ease of use is your greatest concern, so we’ve got school supplies that cater to their needs, like scissors with antimicrobial technology or easy grip crayons. As students get older, their requirements change, and we’ve got that covered, too. You’ll find the latest in technology, as well as specialty equipment for science, sport and more.You can fully equip your classroom with age appropriate, ergonomic furniture to protect developing bodies. Add durable book tubs, art drying racks and class packs of pens, pencils and paints. We can even manage your whole book list, with text books, exercise books, calculators, stationery and more, all available.  Students aren’t the only ones on campus, so we’ve also got supplies for the educators, administrators and cleaners as well. Stock the teachers’ lounge with yummy biscuits and coffee, plus comfy lounges, hot water urns and fans. Keep your admin staff supplied with paper, printers, laminators and more. And find all the janitorial supplies and equipment you need to keep your facility clean and running smoothly.