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The humble table is the birthplace of ideas, where people gather to collaborate in formal or informal ways. Tables are synonymous with meals and meetings, but can also be useful for display or as a convenient resting place for a coffee cup.

Workplace tables meet a range of needs, from the kitchen to the boardroom and everywhere in between. Our friendly furniture experts can help you to find the right tables for your workplace, with pieces coordinated to match other business furniture, or unique statement pieces for maximum impact in the boardroom or meeting room, or handy folding tables and flip tables that can be stored away easily when not in use.

Commercial tables are purpose built to withstand the rigours of the workplace, with pieces available in coordinated collections to provide a streamlined look with your other furniture. Materials that offer durability and styles that are sophisticated and professional come together in tables that won’t look out of place in traditional or contemporary workplaces. Customise to suit your preferences with separate table frames and table tops and accessories, or choose from complete pieces in a range of shapes and sizes. Flip tables and folding tables are a convenient solution when you don’t have a lot of space to leave a table permanently set up or you need to be able to move the table. Coffee tables are useful in breakout rooms, manager’s offices and lobbies, adding a friendly and relaxing element to any room. Possibly the most important table in your workplace is the boardroom table. As the showpiece of your workplace and the place where critical decisions are made and VIPs entertained, you need a luxurious table that will impress and convey the strength of your company.