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It’s easy to overcome lack of privacy and noise pollution in the workplace with the simple addition of workplace screens. Designed to accommodate a range of needs, workplace screens are an elegant and function way to section off a room, workspace or desk.  

Even in an open-plan or activity based working office design, personal space is essential for maximum productivity. The use of workplace screens creates personal boundaries without closing people off or reducing collaboration. At Office National we can help you to optimise space and manage privacy and noise with professional-looking workplace screens.

Partitions and room dividers let you customise an area, creating small or large spaces that are flexible and easily constructed. The different widths and heights give you the freedom to arrange an area as you want. Choose fabric covered partitions and room dividers to utilise the surface as a pinboard, or add whiteboard panels for an easy presentation solution. For more efficient noise management, acoustic screens have extra padding to minimise sound.Open-plan desking requires desk mounted screens to provide suitable privacy and noise management as staff work so close to each other. Choose the height that best suits your work culture and needs. Partition accessories allow you to customise to your requirements, with purpose-designed posts, free standing feet, trims, ceiling connections, brackets and shelves.