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Office chairs are the most important and most frequently used piece of office furniture, with Australian office workers averaging 6.3 hours every day sitting at their desk!

As the predominant chair in the workplace, office chairs should support the user and be comfortable to sit in. The right chair will ergonomically adjust to suit your body and improve your productivity. Managerial chairs and leather chairs are more luxurious versions of office chairs, offering superior looks and style. Creative workplaces may require the height of a draughting chair or stool. Healthcare settings need chairs that are sterile. Hospitality chairs suit function rooms, restaurants and cafes. Student chairs for educational institutions; visitor chairs and reception seating for waiting areas and lobbies; and folding chairs for versatility and portability.

Workplace seating covers everything from your desk chair to the reception seating, ergonomic seating, hospitality chairs, stools and ottomans. Each must suit the seating requirements of its user, accommodating number of hours used, weight, safety and adjustability. Chairs are generally designed to suit 90-95% of the adult population, however if you are particularly tall, short or large you may need a special chair, and we will source whatever you need. Choose chair accessories to customise your chair with arms and bases to suit your preferences. Don’t risk buying furniture that isn’t specifically designed for the workplace. Only office furniture can meet the demands of a business environment.