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Staplers and hole punches are two of the most common and indispensable business supplies, offering simple solutions for paper management that has changed little with time.

We have a huge range of staplers and hole punches, along with staples, staple removers, paper drills and stapler and punch in one. We can help you make the right choice whether it’s for personal use or something that must accommodate the whole office. Stapling and punching make it easy to manage your files and documents, offering a means to keep papers together by either binding with a staple or creating holes for filing in a binder.

Staplers can be for personal use like a desktop stapler, or you can have a heavy duty stapler at your printing and mailing station for common use. You may prefer the convenience of an electric stapler for fast and reliable binding, or a low pressure stapler that takes less force for effortless stapling. We also have a variety of different staples to suit your needs. Hole punches are available in single hole punch, 2-hole punch, 3-hole punch and 4-hole punch. Multiple holes provide great stability when filing papers. As with staplers, options are available for everyday personal use as well as heavy duty options for frequent punching by multiple users.