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A desk is where your work gets done. Whether it is your own personal space or an unassigned space for you to work at on a given day, or perhaps it’s a counter to stand at to work, the desk comes in many forms.

We can help you to find the right desk or desks for your workplace. Choose from L-shaped corner desks, straight desks, reception desks, or modular components to customise the perfect desk. We have all the accessories you need to build a desk or workstation to suit your needs, including pedestal drawers, hutches for shelving storage and modesty panels.

The tasks performed in your office will determine the type or types of desks you need. Reception desks are a welcoming first impression for many businesses, and need to be functional as well as stylish. Office desks, whether assigned or unassigned, need to survive the rigours of daily use. A standard rectangular desk can be freestanding or used to create rows or other patterns. Workstations offer the additional space of a desk return in the convenience of a single piece of furniture. The L-shape configuration maximises space and allows you to work either left or right-handed, or in the corner. Choosing coordinating pieces gives continuity and style to your workplace and makes replacement easy. We provide all measurements so you can determine whether pieces will fit your floorplan.