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Organising paperwork is an essential process in any workplace and is simplified by choosing the best filing, storage and dividers. Gathering everything up neatly and putting it into order makes finding what you need easy and readily accessible.

The way we file, store and divide documents and other business materials may not have changed very much over the years, but what we have available now has been refined to produce the most functional options in the best choice of colours and styles. Whether you’re setting up your first filing system or building on an existing one, we can give you the right advice to make your filing a breeze. We’ve got everything you could want with lever arch files, insert and ring binders, manilla folders, suspension files, document wallets, sheet protectors, lateral filing, archive boxes and more.

Getting your filing, storage and dividers right from the get-go will make your overall system more successful. To get in a regular routine of filing properly you need to have all the right elements on hand at all times. Always keep a ready supply of indices and dividers, sheet protectors and manilla folders handy, along with the files and binders that match your storage furniture. Letter and report files, expanding and portable files, and document wallets offer a convenient way to share documents. Correct archiving is one of the most critical tasks in the workplace, filing and storing essential documents securely for their retention period. Archive boxes need to be tough, with easy to use handles and lid.