Ergonomic furniture is designed to make the workplace fit you rather than forcing you to fit the workplace. It takes into consideration your body’s natural design and function, offering you support through various adjustments.  

Statistically in Australia, every minute one person is hurt while working. That’s half a million a year, with the majority suffering lower back pain or other musculoskeletal disorders. These injuries cost companies money and result in lower productivity. A simple solution is to provide workers with ergonomic furniture. Our furniture experts can help you find the best options for your workplace to fit your budget. We have a range of ergonomic chairs to suit any work environment, plus the height adjustable desks that have become so popular recently for their health benefits.

Height adjustable desks have burst on the scene in recent years as new evidence emerges about the health benefits of moving between sitting and standing throughout the work day. According to the Heart Foundation, the average Australian office worker sits for 6.3 hours per day, leading to chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease. By simply alternating between sitting and standing these risks can be reduced. Height adjustable desks come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Choose from full workstations or desks with easy electric height adjustment, to more cost-conscientious options that convert your existing desk into a sit-stand desk. Ergonomic chairs are specifically designed to be adjusted to the user. By using a properly adjusted chair you will minimise the risk of musculoskeletal disorders by supporting your body in the best possible position. Our furniture experts are trained to help you adjust your chair.