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Identification products have moved beyond the confines of conferences and into the mainstream workplace as security becomes a higher priority. You’ll find them useful for everyday or visitor ID requirements, as well as conventions, conferences and events.

For everyday use you’ll benefit from handy products like retractable key-card holders and lanyards, ID holders and attachments for carrying ID or security passes. Each person in your workplace will need one, including contractors, part-time and casual staff. It is convenient to have spares readily available for visitors or for when staff misplace theirs. For events like conferences or conventions, being able to quickly identify attendees makes convention card holders essential.

The embarrassment of walking around a convention with your name on your chest is only surpassed by the embarrassment of not being able to properly identify attendees at your event. Whatever the form of name tag, either as something that you wear or that designates your place at a table, the convenience it offers makes it an essential part of your event equipment. Your event or workplace will determine the products that best suit the circumstances. Silk name labels and wrist bands make a great temporary solution, while other options are more hardy, longer lasting, or re-usable.